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Welcome to the Classic Crew! Here, I want to have an open space for conservative women to discuss their views without judgment or fear of repercussion. Together, let’s create a community of like-minded women and find others who share our opinions or disagree respectfully!

Who am I? I’m a trained opera singer (with three degrees in operatic performance), a lover of all things fashion, a self-taught makeup artist, and a wife to a wonderful husband. So why did I choose the name Classically Abby? Because I’m a classic kind of girl. A nude lip and a cat-eye never go out of style, and a flared skirt always looks great with a fun pair of heels. I’ll almost always choose a fancy outfit over a comfy one, and I think that wearing something less revealing leaves more to the imagination. I like cooking my husband dinner and I love being married. I have classic political views and I’m not afraid to share them. And I’m also a classical kind of girl. I’m an operatically trained singer! I love classical music and I think there’s a ton we can learn from opera and apply to every day life.

Join the Classic Crew and together: Let’s Be Classic.

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